Welcome Back Matthew Orum to 2024 Team Dye Happy! Let's go Matty-O!

Posted by Kristy Korsak on

I am thrilled to announce that I am again sponsoring one of the sport's most exciting and versatile players, Matthew Orum again in 2024!

Lovingly known as Matty-O, he is known not only for his impressive skills on the course, but also for his fun and engaging personality. He truly embodies the spirit of disc golf, and I am honored to have him representing my discs this year.

As a disc golf enthusiast, I know that watching Matthew play is just as much fun as playing the sport itself. His southern charm and infectious energy make him a crowd-pleaser, and I have no doubt that he will continue to make waves in the disc golf world.

I am beyond excited to see what this partnership will bring and can't wait for you to see Matty-O in action with my discs in his bag. 

Matt is coming in HOT after a 2023 win at MVP Open at Maple Hill... this is will be a fun 2024 season! 


  • I am looking forward to seeing these dyes fly from Orum! I recently discovered your dyes at the AM side of GBO, and I hope Orum throws some Pines!

    Elijah Arnold on

  • Dude you are going to crush it this season. I am talking about at least 3 wins this season. Just watch I have seen you looking sad and disappointed and that is about to change my friend. Enjoy this season and I will be watching online.

    Cory Turner on

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