Westside Discs Tournament Pine Fundraiser

Due to popularity, we are keeping sales open for the Pines!  Currently, only white discs are available.  No dye option.  Y'all wore me out with the dyed Pine pre-orders! YAY! 
Orders placed should ship fairly quickly.  1-3 business days processing time.  Get them while you can!  Not many left!
In celebration of Earth Day and the trees we love to throw discs around, over and into… Dr. Kristy Disc Dyes is creating a limited edition Westside Discs Pine with an Earth Day stamp. For every Westside Tournament Pine disc sold from the Dr. Kristy Disc Dyes website, a tree will be planted through the One Tree Planted organization! https://onetreeplanted.org

The pre-orders will be live from 3/28/23 - 4/10/23 and discs should ship around 4/28/23. You can buy a white Pine for $25.00/disc (USD / shipping included) or you can select the option to have Dr. Kristy dye your disc(s) for $40.00/disc (USD / shipping included).  If you choose white with no dye, ONE tree will be planted in honor of your Pine purchase.  If you choose to have it dyed, TWO trees will be planted in honor of your Pine purchase.  Be sure and select "DYED" as the disc you select when checking out and Kristy will contact you to see how you would like your Pine to be dyed! 

This Tournament Plastic Pine is a beadless midrange that is sought after by many Trilogy enthusiasts. Take it from Westside Discs Warlord Matt Orum… "The Pine is the most underrated disc on the market.” Now you can pre-order the disc and firmly plant the Westside Pine in your bag and watch the birdies sprout on your scorecard.


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